From raunchy tweets to shades, from shades to inspirational posts; Wizkid has kept the posts coming on his various social media platforms. It seems like he has no plan to stop, no matter whose toe he steps or who his shots are falling on. So long, hundreds of thousands of his fans are showing appreciation by retweeting, liking and commenting. From the numbers seen on his timeline, it is clear that a lot of fans find these posts engaging and entertaining.

Unfortunately sometimes one man’s win, is another man’s loss. In this case, Wizkid’s growing influence on social media is turning on the heat on Davido. While the temperature was still melting ice, another superstar in person of Alhaji Tekno, acted like a toddler whose puerility led him to play with the burning fire and this time, Wizkid spat raw fire. It now seems the more they come, the more Wizkid raises the temperature.

While it might not be possible to determine Wizkid’s share of support in his battles, on the many grounds, it is however undeniable that the lashing out has kept him in the public glare day in-day out. It appears that Wizkid gives out a piece per time and each piece, forms the headline story. Little wonder why in recent times, Wizkid has been in the day-to-day news.

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